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Selection Chart

Model Specifications Australian Standards
  Shade Arc Sensors Switching Speed Viewing Area Grind Mode Warranty AS/NZ 1338.1

AS/NZS 1337.1 B
(High Impact)
WIA BlueFX 9-13 2 1/12,000 Sec 97 x 46mm Yes 1 Year (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
WIA ViewFX 9-13 4 1/15,000 Sec 97 x 60mm Yes 2 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
WIA Blue 9-13 2 1/10,000 Sec 97 x 46mm Yes 1 Year (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
Miller Digital Infinity 9-13 4 Independent Sensors
plus X-mode
1/20,000 Sec 112 x 78mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
Miller Digital Elite 9-13 4 Independent Sensors
plus X-mode
1/20,000 Sec 97 x 60mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
Miller Titanium 9400i 9-13 4 Independent Sensors
plus X-mode
1/20,000 Sec 97 x 60mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)

A good quality welding helmet is a must-have for every welder.

Designed for the professional welder, Miller’s range of Auto-Darkening welding helmets feature the latest digital lens technology to deliver protection and an ergonomic design to maximise comfort for the welder.

With a high impact rating, four independent arc sensors, a large viewing area, fast switching speed and grind mode, the Miller Digital Elite welding helmets will handle the toughest welding applications and environments. The Miller welding helmet range is available in classic black or a range of innovative shell designs.

The Miller Titanium welding helmets are the latest addition to the range. Designed to provide the protection and durability professional welders demand when working in heavy use, high-heat industrial applications, the Titanium Series welding helmets are ideal for fabrication, manufacturing and construction environments.

Miller’s welding helmets come with a 3 year warranty and comply with Australian Standards AS/NZ 1337.1, AS/NZ 1338.1 to high impact.

Welding with an Auto Darkening welding helmet makes welding far safer due to the variable shade control for the adjustment of shade, lens sensitivity and delay control, which provides maximum control when welding.

In addition all WIA and Miller helmets come with grind mode which allows the operator to use the welding helmet in between welding. In addition using grind mode saves time because there is no need for the operator to swap between helmet and safety glasses. You can use one helmet for all your welding requirements - including weld preparation and clean-up.

When it comes to respiratory protection WIA also has this covered, and offers a PAPR system that reduces the intake of welding fumes and increases welders safety significantly.

For more information and product specifications we have a range of auto darkening helmet welding resources, which includes a comparison chart on the wide range of auto darkening welding helmets WIA has to offer.