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At WIA, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional support.

While there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us, the first point of call is our Customer Support team who can assist with all product, sales and technical enquiries.

If one of our Customer Support Specialists can’t help, they will put you in touch with the person at WIA who can.

Our Customer Support Team:

Mahi Rao – National Customer Support Manager
Tessy Nixon – Customer Support Specialist
Nicole Walker – Customer Support Specialist

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When it comes to welding, WIA has the experts on hand to work in partnership with our customers to deliver the knowledge and solutions that contribute to achieving greater success. 

We can do this because, both locally and globally, we have a team of highly qualified professionals that understand the heavy engineering, mining and oil and gas markets.  As part of the ITW Welding group, WIA represents some of the world's leading welding equipment and consumable brands, including: Miller, Hobart, Elga, Weldwell, Stein and Bernard.  Our product range includes: industrial welding equipment, filler metals, induction heating systems and welding safety.

Our local technical team includes Product Managers, Engineers, Field Application Specialists and Product Specialists who offer extensive qualifications, including:

• Masters of Material Engineering
• International Welding Specialist
• International Welding Technologist
• Certified Welding Inspectors and Supervisors


Shaun Batty > Profile
Product & Sales Manager – Equipment
0413 045 899

Glenn Callinan > Profile
Product Specialist – Equipment
0427 202 441

North Queensland

Ryan Crisp
Product Specialist – Equipment
0418 746 642


Leigh Sheldrick > Profile
Product Specialist – Equipment
0413 045 909

Western Australia

Neil Wickham > Profile
Product Specialist – Equipment
0418 622 257

New South Wales

Currently Recruiting
Product Specialist – Equipment


Fuhai Liu > Profile
Product & Sales Manager - Filler Metals
0419 864 812

Mathew Hefferan > Profile
Field Applications Specialist - Filler Metals
0417 096 188


Rohin Rutherford > Profile
Product Specialist - Filler Metals
0413 045 914

North Queensland

Craig Robertson > Profile
Product Specialist - Filler Metals
0439 278 960

New South Wales

Rodney Higgins > Profile
Product Specialist - Filler Metals
0418 877 953

Western Australia

Alex Longman
Product Specialist - Filler Metals
0412 417 246


Deborah Simenko
National Sales & Marketing Manager
0417 864 197

Elena Capozzi
Marketing Co-ordinator
0413 045 922

Victoria, Sydney & Tasmania

Antony Muller > Profile
Sales Specialist – Distribution
0412 045 084

South Australia, Western Australia & Northern Territory

Michael Ewart > Profile
Sales Specialist – Distribution
0413 045 900

Queensland & New South Wales

Brendan Watt > Profile
Sales Specialist – Distribution
0413 045 916