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22A & 24A Wirefeeder

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Proven reliability for industrial manufacturing & fabrication.

  • Trailer Manufacturers
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Educational Institutions
  • Automotive Products
  • MIG
  • Gas and Gas Shielded
  • Flux Cored

Gear-Driven Drive Rolls

Smooth, positive and accurate wire feed with long, uninterrupted service life. 24A has four drive rolls for larger wire diameters.

Wire Feed Speed Range

75 –750 IPM! This offers a wider operating range than the competition.

Trigger Hold Control

Allows operator to make long extended welds without having to hold gun trigger.

On-Board Burn-Back & Motor Ramp Control

Offers unmatched starting and stopping performance on a variety of power sources. This helps to ensure positive arc starting performance.

16-Gauge Sheet Metal Housing

Robust in rough service applications and less prone to damage.

Run-In Standard on 24A

For better arc-starting performance on a variety of wires.

Remote Voltage Control is Optional on 22A & 24A

Parameter adjustments can be made in weld cell or at a remote location.

3 Year Warranty

Drive Rollers not included.

ModelInput PowerWire SpeedElectrode Wire Diameter CapacityDimensions (mm)Weight
22A24 VAC, 7 A,
50/60 Hz
75 –750 IPM
(1.9 –19 m/min.)
.023 – 5/64 in. (0.6 – 2.0 mm)H: 279
W: 273
D: 597 
15.4 kg
24A.023 – 3/32 in. (0.6 – 2.4 mm)18 kg