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Big Blue 400X Pro

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Designed for the professional. Easy to use, reliable & fuel efficient.

  • Structural Steelwork
  • Repair
  • Rental
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Stick
  • MIG
  • Flux Cored
  • DC TIG
  • Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging with Optional Spectrum Models
  • Air Carbon Arc
  • Constant Current & Constant Voltage Weld Output
  • Direct Current Weld Output

Superior Arc Performance

  • Four pre-set DIG settings (Stick).
  • Hot Start™ (Stick).
  • Lift-Arc™ TIG with Auto-Stop™ and Crater-out.
  • MIG/FCAW arc performance.

Auto Remote Sense™

Detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch.

Caterpillar Heavy Duty Low-Speed Industrial Engine

Designed to operate for 10,000 hours before the first basic overhaul.

Quiet Operation

Improves work site communication.

The Vault: Ultimate Control Board Reliability

Ultimate control board reliability. Solid-state control technology, housed in a sealed vault. The vault’s sealed connections are made through watertight plugs that make these components impenetrable to dust and moisture.

Simple-to-Set Controls

No elaborate procedure, just select process and weld!

Meter Maintenance Displays

  • Fuel gauge.
  • Hour meter function.
  • Oil change interval.
  • High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shut downs.
  • Low fuel shutdown - engine shuts down before system runs out of fuel, making restarts easy.

Auxiliary Power*

  • 2 X 15 Amp Sockets.
  • 1 X 32 Amp Sockets.
  • RCD.

*Generator auxiliary power is 60Hz, and intended for operating equipment associated with welding, such as angle grinders, drills  and floodlights. Some Australian 50Hz equipment incorporating induction motors, such as pumps, fans, air compressors, refrigeration or air-conditioners, may not operate correctly and could be damaged. Refer to appliance supplier or manufacturer to confirm suitability.

VRD to CAT C AS1674.2

3 Year Warranty

Welder/generator is warranted by Miller for 3 years, parts and labour. For details, refer to the Miller warranty statement. Engine is warranted separately by engine manufacturer.

Welding ModeAmp/Volt RangeRated OutputGenerator PowerDimensions (mm)Weight* (Without Fuel)
CC/DC20 – 400 A300 A at 32 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle
350 A at 27 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle
400 A at 24 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle
Peak: 12,000 Watts
Continuous: 10,000 Watts
42 A, 240 VAC, 60 Hz
H: 813
W: 667
D: 1422
Net: 458 kg
Shipping: 481 kg

*Additional 37kg when fuel tank is full. 

CV/DC14 - 40 V