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PipeWorx FieldPro Welding System

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  • Refinery
  • Process Piping
  • Power
  • Petrochemical
  • HVAC and Water Pipe
  • Stick SMAW
  • Pulsed MIG GMAW-P
  • Flux Cored FCAW
  • Air Carbon Arc CAC-A Cutting and Gouging
  • Constant Current & Constant Voltage Weld Output
  • Direct Current Weld Output
  • Single Phase Input Power
  • Three Phase Input Power

Best In-Class Productivity

Productivity. Boosted.
Downtime. Reduced.
Rework. Cut.

Auto-Line™ Power Management

Automatically compensates for various input Voltage. Suits jobsite and generator power. Keeps welding output constant even if input power varies by ±10%. Single or 3 phase.

Easy To Use

  • The PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ is streamlined and simplified to reduce setup time and potential weld defects. Push button process changeover eliminates the need for swapping cables.
  • The robust design will withstand harsh environments common in the field.

Complete Remote Control

  • The FieldPro™ Remote provides all the same functionality of the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ hundreds of feet from the power source, including process changeover, and Amperage adjustment with no special cables.
  • Connect the FieldPro™ Remote in line with the electrode holder or TIG torch with standard welding cables and have complete remote control.

Superior Arc Perfomance

  • The optimized Stick and TIG performance specifically meets the needs of open root pipe welding and helps reduce training time and increases quality
  • Starts maintain root opening and prepared edge and stops limit arc marks outside of the heat-affected zone.


Complete Control At the Weld Joint

  • FieldPro™ Remote reduces weld defects by automatically setting correct polarity for each welding process — without the need to manually swap cables.
  • Eliminates the need to “get by” with less than optimal settings without control cables, and allows for easy setup of a new weld process with the touch of a button.
  • Total remote control of welding processes and parameters improves safety by limiting jobsite movement and reducing slip, trip and fall hazards.

Simplified Cable Management

  • Save time by eliminating the need to trace cables back to change welding parameters and processes.
  • No control cables to string and manage on the jobsite.

Arc Performance Optimised for Critical Pipe Welding

  • Industry-leading arc performance like the PipeWorx 400 Welding System, but in a field-ready package.
  • True multi-process system provides conventional Stick, TIG, FCAW, and MIG welding as well as the advanced technologies of RMD and Pulse.
  • Smart Feeder delivers excellent RMD and Pulse welding up to 60 metres away from the power source with no control cables.
  • RMD and Pulse processes also help reduce weld failures and eliminate backing gas on some stainless and chromoly applications.


3 Year Warranty

For details, refer to Miller’s True Blue warranty statement.

Input PowerRated OutputVoltage Range In CV ModeAmperage Range in CC ModeMax Open Circuit VoltageRMS Input At Rated Load Output, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase At Nemaload Voltages & Class RatingkVAkWDimensions (mm)Weight
     230 V
460 V575 V    
3 Phase350 A at 34 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle10 - 44 V10 - 350 A75 VDC36.117.814.115.014.4H: 432
W: 305
D: 559
1 Phase300 A at 32 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle54.625.419.911.711.2