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Weldmatic W66 Wirefeeder

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Suits Weldmatic 350i & 500i

4 Roll Drive 50W Motor

Provides a consistent, strong drive for a variety of wires.

Heavy Duty 4 Roll Drive

System has improved large stronger drive gears and ball bearing on drive rollers and shafts.

High and Low Speed Range

Provides 1 to 10m/min or 8 to 20m/min speed, giving finer control of wire speed – particularly useful at lower voltage settings.

Arc Start Control

Allows starting response to be fine-tuned to weld conditions.

Creep Start Mode

Provides slow wire speed until weld starts - ideal for aluminium starts.


Allows gas line to be purged, without feeding wire.


Allows wire to be fed without wasting gas.


Press and release gun switch trigger to start and then again to stop, reducing operator fatigue on long welds.

Pre Gas

Allows gas to flow before weld starts.

Post Gas

Allows gas to continue flowing after weld has finished.

Spot Time

Provides short weld times for repetitive spot welds.


Controls how far the wire burns back to the tip on completion of the welding operation.

3 Year Gold Shield Warranty

Every Weldmatic machine is backed by WIA's industry leading 'Gold Shield 3 Year Warranty', covering parts and labour, and supported by an Australia wide service network. For details, refer to the Weldmatic warranty statement.

Supply VoltageRated Supply CurrentPre-Gas RangeStart SpeedSpool SizesWire Speed RangesWire Size RangeDrive Rolls
32 V AC (from welding source)5 Amps0 - 2 secondsStart or Creep (switchable)5kg

0-10 metres per min
low speed range

8-20 meters per min high speed range

0.6mm – 1.6mm diameter0.9/1.2mm V groove 0.9/1.2mm knurled