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Austarc 18TC

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An iron powder hodrogen controlled electrode used primarily on C-Mn and low alloy structural steels.

  • Structural Steel Construction
  • Pipe Welding
  • Oil and Gas
  • Off-Shore Where Ni-Alloying is Prohibited
  • Mining Equipment
  • Heavy Girders and Earth Moving Plant Repair and Maintenance.
  • SMAW
  • MMAW
  • Flat Position - Fillet Joint
  • Flat Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Fillet Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Butt Joint
  • Overhead Position - Fillet Joint
  • Vertical Position - Up
  • Overhead Position - Butt Joint


Austarc 18TC is an iron powder hydrogen controlled electrode used primarily on C-Mn and low alloy structural steels. The unique twin-coat design for 18 type low hydrogen electrode offers excellent AC arc stability and superb DC+ arc transfer, excellent re-strike, reduced spatter level and extraordinary ease of use for out-of-position welding.

Typical Applications

Typical applications include oil and gas, pipe welding, structural steel construction, off-shore where Ni-alloying is prohibited, mining equipment, heavy girders and earth moving plant repair and maintenance.


  • AS/NZS 4855-B - E49 18-1 A U H5
  • AWS A5.1: E7018-1
Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis  
Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis
Yield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationCVN Impact Values
530 Mpa602 MPa24%87J @ -50°C
Electrode Size (mm)Packaging (kg)Approx No. of Rods Per KgPart Number
Full Pallet Quantity 
Electrode Size (mm)Weight (kg)
3.2 & 4.0900