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New Cutmatic 45 Plasma Cutter

New Cutmatic 45 Plasma Cutter

Cutting new technology from WIA: Cutmatic 45 Plasma Cutter

In line with their commitment to providing quality and cutting-edge product technology, Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) have launched a new plasma cutter – the Cutmatic 45. 

According to Willem Corbett, Development Engineer – Equipment for WIA, the Cutmatic 45 is a welcome addition to the WIA range of products, especially in light of local industrial demand for plasma cutters. 

“Machines that are able to cut steel are always in demand and the Cutmatic 45 has been well-received in all of our field trials. It achieves a good power level and can cut reasonably thick material. It is also easy to use and significantly cheaper to run than an oxy-cutter,” he said. “The fact that it is portable makes it an attractive option in an industrial workshop setting as well.”

The Cutmatic 45 can be used on a variety of metals but is particularly suited to cutting steel in light industrial applications, providing a clean cut of up to 16mm and a rough cut of 20mm.

Designed for ease of use, the Cutmatic 45 is a portable machine that operates from a 15 amp single phase supply. It provides a cost-effective alternative to oxy-acetylene cutters, using electricity to create an electric arc in a compressed air stream. The resulting plasma gas reaches high temperatures that then cut through metal. The machine can cut steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper.

Because of its portability – it weighs just 11.5 kilograms – it is suited to light industrial workshop applications where metal needs to be cut to length or to a profile. It is also useful for the demolition of steel structures.

From a cost perspective, operators will benefit from using the Cutmatic 45 compared with an oxy-cutter as there is no need to rent oxygen and acetylene cylinders or pay for gas – the machine runs on electricity.

Moreover, the Cutmatic 45 has Power Factor Correction (PFC), an internal input power conditioning that smooths out the actual input current. This improves the performance of the cutter when operating from generator and extension leads, making it ideal for remote site operations.

Another key feature is the pilot arc which is designed to start through a contact pilot arc method, meaning it does not require a high frequency or high voltage start. The torch ignites the arc inside the torch head, producing a pilot plasma arc. The plasma power then transfers from the torch to the job.

In addition to that, the torch has an ergonomic handle which can help prevent operator fatigue. The flexible cable also makes manoeuvring easier and operators have decent reach with the six-metre torch length.

As with all WIA machines, customers who purchase the Cutmatic 45 can rest-assured in the reliability and performance of the product. The machine comes with a three-year warranty and guaranteed support from the WIA Australia-wide service network. 

Interested in an expert consultation on the Cutmatic 45? Call WIA on 1300 300 884 or visit your local distributor.

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