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New Hobart Filler Metal App

New Hobart Filler Metal App

The new Hobart Filler Metal Selector and Calculator app is now available for download for iPhone and iPad via the App StoreĀ®.

This free app is a quick reference tool designed to help users determine how much filler metal is needed for a job, and it provides filler metal recommendations for welding various materials. It also includes a heat input calculator and a hard facing product cross reference function.

To determine the volume of filler metal required for a job via the app, users simply select a weld joint type and enter the dimensions of the weld size using either Standard (SAE) or metric units. The app also requests the user to input the total weld length, material and transfer modes, resulting in a calculation for the amount of filler metal in pounds or kilograms required to complete the weld. The volume calculator works for aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel MIG and flux-cored welding applications. 

The heat input calculator in the Hobart Filler Metal Selector and Calculator app allows users to input voltage, amperage and travel speed variables to determine heat input for a given application, while the filler metal selector option provides recommendations for Hobart filler metals, with a direct link to the product pages on HobartBrothers.com, based on the base metals (aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel) that will be welded together.

A hardfacing product cross reference function in the new app allows the user to determine the Hobart filler metal equivalent to competitive manufacturers’ products.

For more information on the Hobart Filler Metal Selector and Calculator app, click here.

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