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Analysing the Suitability of Metal Cored Wire in Welding

Analysing the Suitability of Metal Cored Wire in Welding

When matched with the right applications, metal-cored wire welding is a solution that provides a number of productivity and time-saving benefits.

Metal-cored wire (MCAW) can significantly reduce weld cycle times, provide high deposition rates and increase travel speeds. Also, this process reduces the cleaning required during the welding process by removing spatter and slag and post-weld grinding. This, along with its unique ‘plug and play’ design makes it an attractive option for welders.

If you want to know more about metal cored wires including the benefits, how they compare to flux cored wires and more, download this white paper. It's a detailed document that will give you a better understanding of metal cored wires and how it may be able to better your welding operation.

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