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Chris Fell

End Market Specialist - North Queensland

Although based in McKay, Queensland, Chris Fell is willing and able to help any customer – whereever they may be and whatever the challenge they face. A boilermaker/fabricator since the ‘80s and now a certified International Welding Specialist, he has a wealth of applied practical industry experience and the skills needed to share this knowledge.

As a team leader responsible for welding coordination and quality management, Chris has worked in sectors ranging from light and heavy fabrication, to mining and bulk handling machinery, pressure equipment and oil and gas. As a result of this breadth of experience, he understands the challenges of the manufacturing industry, that getting it done right in the most efficient and cost effective manner - and remaining competitive throughout the process - is key to a company’s success.

Having been a customer himself, he understands how important the correct technical service for an application is, and how it can add productivity to an organisation.

Great communication skills and a calm and positive can-do attitude mean that Chris is at ease with all levels of welding, supervisory and management personnel. As a good listener and analytical thinker he is in high demand from his customers, who value his ability to diagnose problems during qualification testing and give sound practical advice on solutions going forward.

Keeping an open mind to innovation, Chris is happy to go the extra mile to research a production problem and come up with some new ideas. One of his previous employers, who came to Chris to find a solution to pre- and post-weld heat treating problems, achieved outstanding pre-heat time reductions through Miller’s Pro Heat induction heating system Chris introduced to the company.

With overseas experience in a developing country, and speaking a second language, Chris could be working anywhere in the world. But Australia is home – where there is great fishing, room to swing a golf club, plenty of scope for his passion for welding and people who value his dedication to great technical service.

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