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Rodney Higgins

End Market Specialist

Rodney is not one to talk about himself, but his outstanding technical knowledge and industry experience over many years as a qualified and certified welding supervisor and inspector are worth their weight in gold to his customers. His passion for welding and the industry fits perfectly with the company’s culture of enthusiastic customer support and technical innovation.

As End Market Specialist - NSW, Rodney travels up to three thousand kilometres and is in contact with some forty to sixty customers each week to ensure that they have all the technical support they need. It’s not just about selling products, it’s about listening to each customer, helping them define the requirements for a particular job, and finding the right solution for them. His customer base extends through mining, infrastructure and construction but he still has time, and great admiration, for the smaller country engineering and mobile welding companies. By bringing in the latest consumables and techniques he contributes to their capabilities and to their commitment to working smart.

A part-time technical teacher for over twenty years with involvement in WorldSkills Australia competitions and youth training, Rodney is at ease in the workshop and enjoys demonstrating the latest consumables, procedures and techniques to achieve first-class results. Having been a customer himself for many years, he understands the real value of responsive customer service, and the bottom-line benefits and productivity a company can achieve through applying the best procedures and latest technologies.

Rodney’s greatest enjoyment is the building of on-going relationships with his customers – and occasionally meeting them on the golf course for a friendly round. His reward is their loyalty and positive recommendations to their colleagues.

A recent customer phone call, from a mining company CEO thanking him for his professionalism and service, meant the world to him. Rodney, like the rest of his WIA team members, believes in going the extra mile and delivering on his promises.

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