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Bernard Mig Guns & Consumables

The Bernard Difference

Genuine Consumables.
Better Welds.

  • 1.
    Superior In Quality

    All Bernard MIG guns and consumables are durable and manufactured with only the highest quality materials.

  • 2.
    Market Leader

    Bernard MIG guns and consumables are original and have set the industry standard worldwide.

  • 3.
    Less Downtime & Better Productivity

    Due to Bernard’s easy changing parts, change over time is cut, plus there’s no need to change lines, meaning less downtime and more time welding.

  • 4.
    Cost Saving

    Bernard MIG guns and consumables last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often, minimising costs significantly over time.

  • 5.
    High Performing

    Together, Bernard MIG guns and consumables provide superior welding performance, more consistent welds, better arc starts, less spatter, more arc time and better bottom line.

  • 6.
    Quality at an Affordable Price

    Bernard offers high quality, high performing, long lasting MIG guns and consumables at an affordable price.

  • 7.
    Reliability & Performance

    All Bernard products are supported by an Australia wide service network, so you can be guaranteed reliability and performance.