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Respiratory Protection

When it comes to respiratory protection, WIA’s Vortex PAPR [Powered Air Purifying Respirator] system is a good choice.

The Vortex PAPR is combined with the Miller Digital Elite™ Helmet to offer heavy duty respiratory protection from when welding, gouging and grinding. With two speeds of air flow [160LPM and 200LPM], the Vortex can be set to suit the environment and application.

The Vortex is not only designed to offer respiratory protection, it has been designed for operator comfort. The Vortex is lightweight and offers a full back harness, maximising operator comfort when welding for long periods or in confined spaces.

The Miller Digital Elite™ Helmet offers a high impact rating, both for the helmet shell and lens, for added operator protection. The latest lens technology, using electromagnetic arc sensing, eliminates sunlight interference and obstructed sensors, making welding outdoor and out-of-position less of a hassle.

The Vortex provides respiratory protection for industrial applications, including manufacturing, fabrication, stainless steel and flux cored welding.