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Enter a SUBURB, POSTCODE or BUSINESS NAME into the search box above to locate and find details on your nearest Distributor or Service Agent. Search within a minimum 5km radius or search as wide as you like using the 'Radius' buttons or map zoom.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? If after using the search you still haven’t found a Distributor or Service Agent in your area, please contact our support team.
Alternatively, for a full list of distributors and service agents in your state, you can use the 'Find by State' function.

DISCLAIMER: Not all WIA distribution partners carry the full range of WIA, Miller and Hobart products. The list above is categorised based on the selection used (i.e. postcode).  It is not indicative of the level of WIA stock being held.  Please contact your local distributor for information on product availability.  If we can assist you to find a product, please contact our Customer Support team on 1300 300 884.


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