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Cored Welding Wires

At WIA we provide a range of premium quality flux-cored, metal-cored and self-shielded MIG welding wires to suit a range of base metals, including stainless steel and mild steel.

One of the most popular welding wires that we offer is the Hobart XLR-8 self-shielded flux cored wire. This low hydrogen T-8 welding wire is all positional and produces a stable arc and a flat bead profile. Especially suited to vertical up welds at high currents, this wire offers excellent mechanical properties.

When it comes to metal-cored wires Hobart’s Megafil 713R offers a variety of benefits including minimised risk of hydrogen-induced cracking. excellent out-of-position performance and reduced clean up time.

If you’re after a self-shielded wire, then the Austfil T-11 would be the perfect choice. This wire is all positional, offers full slag coverage and easy slag removal. The main benefit of the Austfil T-11 is that shielding gas is not required which means you will save on gas bottle costs.

No matter the job or what wire you use remember to keep safe while welding by using the correct welding equipment and wearing an auto-darkening welding helmet. If you are not welding but have direct eye contact of someone who is, we recommend at least wearing a pair of safety glasses to keep your eyes safe from the light produced from the arc weld.

For the full range of specifications on our range of MIG wires including the aws classification, visit each product page on the WIA website and download the safety data sheets.