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A Metal Cored Wire with Higher Deoxidization elements.

  • MCAW
  • Storage Vessles
  • Steel Structures
  • Shipbuilding
  • Rail Cars
  • Non-Alloyed & Fine Grain Steels
  • General Fabrication
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Automatic & Mechanised Welding
  • Flat Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Fillet Joint


A metal cored wire with a higher deoxidization elements allow this wire to have greater tolerance for mill scale welding applications. Single and multiple pass applications.

High Deposition Rates and Efficiencies

  • Virtually no slag coverage
  • Outstanding high-production performance
  • Smooth arc characteristics 
  • Low diffusible hydrogen weld deposit
  • Low smoke and spatter levels
  • Excellent for both CV and pulsed welding

Productivity Gain

  • Improves productivity compared to solid wire or flux-cored electrodes
  • Reduces clean up time, improves productivity
  • Excellent for robotic welding
  • Improved operator appeal, assists in maintaining consistent weld quality
  • Minimises risk of hydrogen-induced cracking
  • Improves operator appeal and productivity
  • Promotes versatility in procedure development

Typical Applications

Automatic and mechanised welding, storage vessels, non-alloyed and fine grain steels, steel structures, earthmoving equipment, general fabrication, shipbuilding, rail cars.


  • AS/NZS ISO 17632-B-T494T15-0MA-UH5
  • AWS A5.18: E70C-6M H4
Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis  
Typical Diffusible Hydrogen
Hydrogen Equipment75% Ar/25% CO2
Gas Chromatography2.0 ml/100g
Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis (As Welded)
Mechanical Tests 75% Ar/25% CO2
Tensile Strength558 MPa
Yield Strength476 MPa
CVN Impact Values101J @ -30ºC
54J @ -40ºC
Wire SizePacket Size And TypePart Number
1.215kg SpoolS249412-029
1.2227kg X-PakS249412-050
1.615kg SpoolS249419-029