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Weldarc 200i Inverter Welder
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Reliability & Performance that is second to none.

All of our inverter products are supported by an Australia wide service network, so you can be guaranteed you're buying reliability and performance.

2 Year Warranty

The Weldmatic 200i and 250i, and Weldarc 200i AC/DC are backed with a 2 year unlimited warranty* covering parts and labour. *Power Source only.

3 Year Warranty

The Weldarc 145i, 185i, 200i DC and Weldmatic 350i and 500i are backed with WIA’s leading 3 year warranty covering parts and labour.

Inverter Welder Benefits

WIA’s inverter welding machines offer some benefits over conventional welders.

The stand out benefit is that they are lighter, portable and easy to transport from job to job, plus they are more cost effective and power efficient.

WIA’s inverter range offers Arc and TIG welders, and MIG and multi-process solutions which are suitable for MIG welding, Stick welding, TIG welding, and some that are also capable of Arc Air Gouging.

Available in a range of sizes WIA’s inverter machines cater for different types of welding applications, including on-site maintenance, construction, rural and medium to heavy fabrication.

For on-site maintenance WIA’s range of Stick welders / TIG welders are suitable. Weighing in at a tiny 4.1kg and offering a welding current range of 20 to 145 Amps, is the Weldarc 145i inverter machine. It’s highly portable and very easy to transport.

Inverter Welder Benefits

For medium to heavy fabrication WIA offers a range of MIG and multi-process machines. Packed with 500 Amps of genuine power and offering a MIG welding output power range of 30 to 500 Amps, is the Weldmatic 500i power source. Also available as a complete package it includes the W65 wire feeder, gas regulator, work lead, electrode holder, drive rollers, MIG gun cable & tip.

For more information on the complete range of WIA inverters look through our brochure, and the product specification sheets.