Filler Metals

Solid MIG Wires

At WIA we provide a range of premium quality Mig welding wires for a range of materials including stainless steel and mild steel.

Included is the Austmig ES6 mild steel mig welding wire. This wire can be used to weld mild and medium strength steels, and is ideal for positional welding of sheet steels and steel pipes and tubes. In addition, the ES6 wire is an electrostatically copper coated wire which provides excellent wire feed performance and electrical conductivity that can reduce contact tip wear.

Not limited to the Austmig ES6, WIA also offers welding wires for low alloy steel and aluminium welding projects.

While welding, we recommend you keep yourself safe and wear an auto-darkening welding helmet. If you are not welding but have direct eye contact of someone who is, we recommend at least wearing a pair of safety glasses to keep your eyes safe from the light produced from the arc weld.

For the full range of specifications including the aws classification, visit each product page on the WIA website and download the safety data sheets.