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Welding Helmets

Selection Chart

Model Specifications Australian Standards
  Shade Arc Sensors Switching Speed Viewing Area Grind Mode Warranty AS/NZ 1338.1

AS/NZS 1337.1 B
(High Impact)
WIA OpticFX 9-13 4 1/12,500 Sec 100 x 60mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
Miller Digital Infinity 8-13 4 Independent Sensors
plus X-mode
1/25,000 Sec 112 x 78mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)
Miller Digital Elite 8-13 4 Independent Sensors
plus X-mode
1/25,000 Sec 97 x 60mm Yes 3 Years (Auto-Darkening Lens Only)

Good quality welding safety gear is important for all welders, whatever the environment or application.

One of the most important aspects of choosing your welding equipment is to ensure that your personal protective welding equipment is effective. Whether you are arc welding, gas welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, Stick welding, or any other type of welding, you should ensure that your welding safety has every area covered.

Some basics of welding protection include high quality flame resistant protective clothing. For added protection a welding jacket is highly recommended. Quality work boots are also essential for foot protection, in addition knee pads are recommended if you are consistently kneeling on rough surfaces.

Miller’s range of welding safety gear has been designed specifically for welders to handle tough industrial environments.

When it comes to safety, a good quality Auto Darkening welding helmet is a must. Miller’s safety range includes the Digital Elite and Digital Infinity helmets. Both feature the latest ClearLight lens technology and offer high quality headgear with an ergonomic design. Together these features provide a clearer, better view of the weld and maximise comfort for the welder operator. In addition, they offer a high impact rating, 3 years warranty and they comply with Australian Standards.

WIA also offer a range of Auto darkening welding helmets, including the Blue, BlueFX and ViewFX. All have been designed to provide welding protection, comfort and quality at an affordable price, and like the Miller helmets, they comply with Australian Standards.

Both Miller and WIA Auto-darkening helmets feature a range of attributes including:

  • Variable Shade Control – Used to adjust the shade, lens sensitivity and delay
  • Auto Darkening Lens – Automatically darkens the viewing area when an arc is detected. When inactive, an auto-darkening lens usually has a #3 or #4 shade, which is relatively easy to see through. This means that there is no need for the welder to constantly flip the helmet up and down in between welds. A welding helmet with an autodarkening welding lens is a must have item for undertaking any welding projects.
  • Grind Mode – With Grind mode you can use one helmet for all welding requirements - including weld preparation and clean-up. You won’t need to switch between safety glasses / welding goggles and a welding helmet when using a helmet with grind mode built in.
  • 2 or 4 Arc Sensors - The arc sensors detect when the welder has struck an arc and triggers the auto darkening lens feature. 4 sensors provide a faster transition than having 2 arc sensors.
  • Provision for a magnifying lens – All WIA helmets feature the ability to add a lens that will magnify the viewing area. These are optional accessories which can increase the magnification of the welding area by 1.5x , 2x and 2.5x to allow close up vision of the welding area depending on the lens kit you are using. You can purchase suitable Magnification Lenses from a WIA Stockist.
  • Lens filters – All helmets come with front lens and inside lens cover filters. This type of welding filter is used to prevent weld spatter from reaching and damaging the darkening filter.
  • Lightweight & fully adjustable headgear - It is important especially during long welding sessions that the helmet doesn't weigh too much so that it keeps operator fatigue to a minimum. Having the ability to adjust the helmet is also important so that the user has complete comfort whilst welding.
  • Battery power with solar assist - The replaceable battery life is extended by inbuild UV solar cells which absorbs power from the arc while welding. WIA Helmet delivers up to 1500 hours of interruption free welding with MIG, Stick, TIG and Plasma power sources - meaning your helmet will always be ready when you are.
  • Australian Standards - It is important that welding equipment meets the high standards of Australian industry. WIA welding helmets are tested in Australia, and therefore the lens and helmet comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1338.1 (Auto-Darkening) and AS/NZS 1337.1 B (High Impact). High Impact
  • Rating - Makes sure that the welding helmet you are using is not going to crack under pressure, having a high impact rating is important for long term use.
  • 1, 2 or 3 year warranty - Our products come with appropriate warranty to make sure that they will withstand all day to day use.
  • Operating Manuals - Having appropriate operating instructions is important for knowing the best way to use your welding helmets.

When it comes to welding safety MIG welding gloves are an essential welding apparel as they provide maximum protection and comfort while welding. WIA's premium quality MIG gloves are the welders choice when it comes to hand protection.

Not only should you consider your outer body protection when welding, but also that our lungs are protected against welding fumes and particles also. Using a welding helmet with a powered air purifying system will offer such protection. Designed specifically for this, WIA offers the Vortex PAPR system for fume extraction and purifying. This PAPR System will extract the welding gas from the air to ensure that the person performing the welds gets adequate respiratory protection. Over time a reusable respirator such as a the PAPR system is far more reliable than disposable respirators.

It is also important to know that autodarkening welding helmets such as the Miller Digital Infinity series welding helmet can be used for protection whilst plasma cutting as well. Although the higher shades may be too dark for plasma cutting, #5 shade can be used and is within the safe range for plasma cutting.

WIA specialises in a wide range of welding safety equipment to ensure that workplace accidents or injuries are kept to an absolute minimum. Our high quality welding helmet range have all the features you need whilst MIG welding, tig welding, stick welding or using plasma cutters. You can compare our welding helmets online using our comparison charts above.