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Induction Heating

Induction Heating

Miller’s Pro-Heat™ induction heating system can deliver savings and reduce heating time by up to 400%.

This is one induction heating technology you can’t afford to ignore if pre-heating pipes or components is a requirement in your business.

Induction heating is a system that induces heat electromagnetically rather than using a heating element to conduct heat. The process of induction heating is dramatically faster than traditional heating methods, such as ceramic blankets and the LPG heating process. Induction heating delivers greater control over the ramping temperature rates when compared to other processes used for pre-heating and post-weld treatment of temperatures up to 750C. A safer working environment is created, by eliminating exposure to open flames, explosive gases and hot elements during the pre-heating process.

The Pro-Heat™ induction heating system is ideal for pre-heating track idler rollers, dragline buckets and drilling equipment