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Filler Metals

Filler Metals

WIA’s range of filler metals have been setting the industry standard for over 50 years.

With a proven history of over 50 years in the Australian market, WIA has built a reputation for delivering high quality filler metal products for the industrial user. Known for their quality, consistency and performance, WIA’s filler metal products are preferred by operators across a wide range of industry sectors.

WIA’s comprehensive filler metal range spans from mild steel and low hydrogen electrodes to specialist flux cored wires and hardfacing products. WIA’s filler metal range is backed up by a team of technical professionals who understand our customers’ needs and are committed to delivering welding solutions to improve efficiency and boost productivity for our customers.

WIA’s filler metals are used across a range of industries, including: mining, oil and gas, heavy engineering, fabrication, rural and shipbuilding.