Megafil 713R

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A Seamless Flux-Cored wire with excellent out of position performance

  • Structural Fabrication
  • Single or Multi-Pass Welding
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Pipelines
  • Offshore
  • Non-Alloyed & Fine Grain Steel
  • Heavy Equipment
  • General Fabrication
  • Equipment Repairs & Modifications
  • Flat Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Butt Joint
  • Vertical Position - Up
  • Overhead Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Fixed Pipe Position - Up
  • Flat Position - Fillet Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Fillet Joint
  • Overhead Position - Fillet Joint


This seamless flux-cored wire has a low hydrogen weld deposit, fast-freezing slag, smooth arc characteristics, easy slag removal and good impact toughness, especially when used with an Argon-CO² shielding gas mixture.

Productivity Gain

  • Very low moisture reabsorption after extended exposure
  • Minimizes risk of hydrogen-induced cracking
  • Excellent out-of-position performance
  • Assists producing welds of consistent appearance and quality
  • Reduces clean-up time, minimizes risk of inclusions
  • Minimizes risk of cracking in critical applications


Suitable for single or multi-pass welding, non alloyed and fine grain steel, heavy equipment, pressure vessels, equipment repairs and modifications, offshore, general fabrication, pipelines and structural fabrication.


  • AWS A5.20: E71T-1MJ H4, E71T-1C H4
  • AS/NZS ISO: 17632-B - T494T12-1M A-U H5
  • AS/NZS ISO: 17632-B T493T12-1C H5
Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis    
Shielding GasCMnSiPSNiCu
100% CO20.020.900.290.0120.0110.310.14
82% Ar/18% CO20.021.180.460.0120.0110.300.14
Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis
Gas TypeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationCVN Impact Values
100% CO2545 MPa593 MPa26%34J @ -30ºC
82% Ar/18% CO2558 MPa607 MPa26%89J @ -30ºC
81 @ -40ºC
77J @ -46ºC
Wire SizePacket Size And TypePart Number
1.216kg Spool71315
1.616kg Spool71333
Full Pallet Quantity 
Wire Size (mm)Weight (kg)