Wirefeeder W64-1

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4 rool drive wire feeder. For consistent wire feed control.

  • Dependent on the machine it is used with

Suitable for the Weldmatic 270, 356, 396 and Fabricator, the W64-1 wire feeder provides the ultimate wire feeding capabilities. The 4 roll drive motor produces a consistent and strong drive for a variety of wires, while the low and high speed ranges allows for finer wire speed control.

With added features including Arc start, creep, purge, latch, burn back and more, the W64-1 gives users the versatility to custom their settings to suit their wire feeding needs and preferences. Built with heavy duty quality components, and manufactured with 3 years warranty, the W64-1 offers reliability and performance that’s second to none.

  • Suits 5 and 15kg spools
  • Heavy Duty 4 Roll Drive - Large strong drive gears and ball bearings
  • High & Low Speed Range - For finer wire speed control
  • Arc Start Control - Fine tunes starting response to suit weld conditions
  • Creep Start - Slow wire speed until weld stars. Ideal for aluminium
  • Purge - Purges gas line without feeding wire
  • Inch - Feeds wire without wasting gas
  • Latch - Stop / Start gun switch trigger Reduces operator fatigue
  • Pre Gas - Allows gas to flow before weld starts
  • Post Gas - Continued gas flow after weld has finished
  • Spot time - For short weld times for repetitive spot welds
  • Burn back - Controls wire burn back upon weld completion

Due to variation between generators by different manufacturers, it is impossible for WIA to validate operation from all generators.

Creep Mode, Latch, Purge, Inch

Creep Mode, Latch, Purge, Inch

  • Provides slow wire speed until weld starts - ideal for aluminium starts
  • Stop/Start gun switch trigger. Reduces operator fatigue
  • Purges gas line without feeding wire
  • Feeds wire without wasting gas


Controls how far the wire burns back to the tip on completion of the welding operation.

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Primary VoltageRated Primary CurrentSpool SizesWire Speed RangeWire Size RangePre/Post GasSpot TimeArc StartStart SpeedLatchWeight
32 VAC (from welding power source)5 Amps5kg & 15kg

0-172 RPM
0-10 metres per min low speed range
8-20 metres per min high speed range


Pre-gas range 0-2 seconds
Post-gas range 0-10 seconds

0-2 seconds



2T/4T Modes