Induction Heating Time To Temperature Calculator

Induction Heating Time to Temp Calculators

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Induction Heating Explained

Instead of using conventional heating elements, induction heating induces heat electromagnetically. Heat is induced in the part by subjecting it to a high frequency magnetic field, creating eddy currents, activating the parts molecules and generating heat.

While resistance heating heats the surface of the part, the induction heating process heats within the part. The depth of heating depends on the frequency used. High frequency heats closer to the surface, while a lower frequency penetrates deeper into the part – allowing efficient heating of thicker parts.

Benefits of Induction Heating

1. Boosts Productivity
2. Improved Safety
3. Reduce Costs
4. Uniform Heating
5. Easy to Set Up
6. On-board Diagnostics

Reduce Pre-Heating Time by up to 400%

Miller’s Induction Heating system, the Pro-Heat™ 35, brings a part to temperature in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional flame and resistance heating processes. It also holds the part at the specified temperature.

With Miller's Pro-Heat, pre-heat time can be reduced by up to 400%. To put this in perspective, companies using the Pro-Heat have reduced pre-heating time from over two hours to just 30 minutes - The Time To Temp Calculators above can be used to demonstrate this fact!