New Miller Dimension™ 650 with ArcReach® Technology

New Miller Dimension™ 650 with ArcReach® Technology

Miller Dimension™ 650 with ArcReach® technology enhances welding productivity

Remote control welding solutions help improve productivity and safety for welders. The new Miller Dimension™ 650 multi-process inverter welding machine introduced by Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) is compatible with ArcReach technology, making it easy for welding operators to adjust the welding parameters at the weld joint.

ArcReach® technology is an industry-exclusive solution by Miller that uses only the existing weld cables to communicate welding control information between the feeder and the power source. The new Miller Dimension™ 650 welder with ArcReach technology can connect to a simple-interface wire feeder – the ArcReach Suitcase – allowing operators to adjust parameters at the point of use with no control cords.

Fuhai Liu, Product and Sales Manager at WIA, says the introduction of ArcReach technology on the Dimension™ 650 machine adds to the already existing unique features that the heavy-duty welder has to offer.

“The Dimension™ 650 is typically used for mining and heavy fabrication application where there’s a demand for high welding output. Being an inverter-type machine with higher power efficiency, it offers considerable energy savings compared to conventional transformer-type welders, so that you can get more welding done with less power. The machine draws only 47 amps at rated 100% load and can operate on a 50-amp service.

“Additionally, the Dimension™ 650 welder is the only welding machine of this calibre specifically designed with a process selection for carbon arc air gouging. The machine comes with a gouging mode that offers full 650 amps of power at 100-percent duty cycle, which makes it ideal for heavy gouging,” he explains.

Wind Tunnel Technology™ is another key feature of the Dimension™ 650 welder, according to Liu.

“Wind Tunnel Technology™ is a patented cooling mechanism by Miller. The fan directs the air flow through the machine in such a way to protect electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust or debris. This enhances the lifetime of the machine considerably.”

Matthew Hefferan, Business Development Specialist at WIA, says the ArcReach capability saves operators’ time and makes their job a lot simpler and safer.

“In applications where the operator needs to carry the wire feeder to multiple weld joints, such as in major structural projects or for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications, ArcReach technology allows the welder to take full control of the welding power source right at the weld joint using only a weld cable,” he says.

“For example, if the MRO team is building a tray for a dump truck and they are working inside the tray while the power source is located outside the tray, they can run just one weld cable and switch between their ArcReach accessories.”

Unique features in the Dimension™ 650 with ArcReach make it easy to switch between multiple accessories, Hefferan explains.

“When an ArcReach accessory is connected to the Dimension™ 650 welder and communication is established between the two, the Auto-Process Select™ feature enables the system to automatically change to stick or MIG/FCAW (with gas) if electrode positive polarity is detected, or TIG or FCAW (no gas) if electrode negative polarity is detected,” he says.

“Cross platform compatibility is another major advantage when using ArcReach accessories. The same ArcReach accessories that work on engine-driven equipment can also be used on selected ArcReach-equipped power sources. ArcReach-equipped power sources work with non-ArcReach accessories; however, the complete ArcReach benefit is only realised with the ArcReach system,” he explains.

With a number of welding operators working on a project together, there’s always a risk that one operator might accidentally change the welding parameters on the power source while another operator is welding. This is not the case with ArcReach technology, Hefferan says.

“When an ArcReach accessory is connected to a Dimension™ 650, the accessory takes full control and the Dimension™ 650 front panel controls are disabled. Therefore, as long as the accessory is connected, process and voltage/amperage adjustments on the Dimension™ 650 are locked out, preventing the risk of accidental changes.

Liu says by giving full control to the welding operators right at the weld joint, the Dimension™ 650 with ArcReach technology leads to better overall weld quality and reduces the need for re-work.

“In adjusting the weld parameters, there should be a correlation between voltage and amperage settings. Without having easy access to the power source, operators working away from the power source often set the power source to a certain voltage and then adjust the amperage by changing the wire feed speed. But this often does not lead to the most optimum combination,” he explains.

“By eliminating the need to travel back and forth to the power source, the Dimension™ 650 welder with ArcReach technology enhances productivity, increases operator safety and improves the weld quality,” he concludes.

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