New WIA OpticFX Auto-Darkening Helmets

New WIA OpticFX Auto-Darkening Helmets

WIA’s OpticFX Helmet offers clearer vision to welders

Welders dealing with intricate welding work on a daily basis can take advantage of the latest improvements in the visual clarity of auto-darkening helmets.

The OpticFX auto-darkening helmet offered by Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) provides welders with a larger viewing area and a broader light spectrum compared to its predecessors.

As Willem Corbett, Development Engineer at WIA explains, the product is an essential piece of equipment for professional welders.

“The broad spectrum of light provided by the OpticFX helmet means welders can see a much clearer view of the weld pool and a better depth perception around the weld. This helps welders have a better control of the weld pool,” he says.

The enhanced filter design technology incorporated in the OpticFX’s lens means that a broader spectrum of light can pass through, while still providing the required UV and infra-red filtering protection needed for eye safety while welding.

The helmet has a viewing field of 100 x 60 mm with reaction time of 0.08 milli seconds (1/12,500 seconds).

The high sensitivity of the sensors means the lens will immediately respond and darken as soon as an arc is detected. The variable shade lens allows the operator to adjust the brightness of the arc for varying ambient light conditions, and welding arc intensity to achieve the best view of the weld pool.

The quicker a welder’s eyes are shaded from the high-intensity light, the better. Too slow a reaction time will cause the operator to experience eye discomfort.

While the helmet can be suitably used for all professional welding projects, the clearer view of the welding pool, combined with a large viewing field, makes it very well suited to TIG or MIG welding, according to Corbett.

The light-weight design of the OpticFX helmet and its harnesses, combined with the soft interior cushioning, ensure maximum comfort for welders.

The OpticFX helmet is equipped with four light sensors that provide accurate switching of the auto darkening lens in different positions and ambient light conditions.

While the OpticFX auto-darkening helmet is a stand-alone product and can protect the welder's eyes from harmful radiation, Corbett says welders must also pay attention to site-specific instructions.

“Certain sites might require the welders to use a dust mask or safety glasses in combination with the welding helmet. In these scenarios, welders are required to follow the site-specific safety instructions.”

All WIA helmets come with grind mode which allows the operator to use the welding helmet in between welding. Using grind mode saves time because there is no need for the operator to swap between helmet and safety glasses. This means welders can use one helmet for all of their welding requirements – including weld preparation and clean-up.

“The view through the lens is not clear, it’s more like looking through sunglasses. As soon as the welding starts, the lens automatically turns dark to protect you from the welding radiation. But the actual set up is manual. Welders can use an appropriate darkness or “shade”. The owner manual has a table of recommendation to help decide what shade is best suited to each application,” Corbett explains.

Three-Year Warranty

WIA offers a three-year in-house warranty for the OpticFX helmet.

“Any potential repairs or replacement for the automatic lens are covered by the warranty. WIA also has all of the spare parts readily available,” Corbett says.

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