See what you’ve been missing with Miller’s ClearLight™ Lens Technology

See what you’ve been missing with Miller’s ClearLight™ Lens Technology

High-definition optics for precision arc recognition

Designed by welders, for welders. Engineered to complement the colours emitted from the welding arc for enhanced clarity and natural colour — so that you can see more detail.

Miller’s new lens technology allows more colours of the visible light spectrum to come through the lens for more natural, accurate tones.

Clearlight Lens Technology shades

Regular auto-darkening welding lenses block light even when a welder isn’t striking an arc. ClearLight Lens Technology is designed to minimise light blockage — giving you a brighter light state to see your surroundings.

The 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating provides a 3.0 light state that allows welders to keep their helmet down in between welds and for non-welding tasks, increasing productivity and helping to prevent eye injuries.

Clearlight Lens Technology brightness shades

Safety & Productivity Benefits

Injuries in a welding environment most commonly occur when welders aren’t welding and your helmet in the up position. ClearLight Lens Technology, reduces eye strain by providing greater clarity and a brighter light state, giving you the capability to keep the helmet down when performing non-welding tasks, like grinding or cleaning. In the past, it was necessary to raise the helmet up for a clear line of sight.

In addition to the safety benefits of using the ClearLight Lens Technology provides, the improvements deliver added benefits that can assist productivity improvements.

When you can clearly see the weld pool and surrounding workpiece, it can lead to higher-quality welds and less rework — saving time and money. ClearLight Lens Technology makes it easier for you to do your job, potentially leading to increased output.

Seeing more Colours

ClearLight Lens Technology allows more wavelengths along the colour spectrum to come through the welding filter and auto-darkening lens.

Where previous filter technology prevented some colours from passing through — which resulted in the operator seeing an artificial yellow, green, or blue tint — ClearLight Lens Technology allows colours commonly emitted during welding to pass through the lens filter, providing a more colour-neutral lens.

The image below illustrates the improved lens technology, showing transmittance percentage (y-axis) along the wavelength light scale (x-axis). The green line shows the colour band resulting from traditional lens technology, while the blue line shows the wide-band filter from the ClearLight Lens Technology. The display is a good representation of the additional colours that you can see when welding with ClearLight Lens Technology.

Clearlight Lens Technology graph

The latest auto-darkening lens technology from Miller — ClearLight Lens Technology — improves a welder’s visibility by allowing a greater range of colours to come through the lens — giving welders a clearer view of the weld pool and surrounding workpiece while welding. Lenses with Clearlight technology are also designed to reduce eye strain when the operator is not welding, enabling the you to leave your helmet down during pre-weld setup or finishing work - leading to greater efficiency and continuous protection.

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