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Alex Longman

End Market Specialist

Trade experience as a boilermaker/welder coupled with self-discipline and organisational skills gained as an Army Reservist make Alex Longman, WIA’s End Market Specialist based in Perth, a valuable member of the technical sales team. His cheerful approach and ease of communication means that he can connect at all levels - from the shop floor to the management office.

Nothing gives Alex more satisfaction than being able to bring all his knowledge and experience to bear on a challenge being faced by a customer, and coming up with the best solution. His up-to-date knowledge of advanced welding and cutting solutions and systematic approach to a problem has earned him the respect of his customers and their staff – and improved their productivity and bottom-line.

In a recent production trial, two operators staged a ‘weld-off’ under Alex’s guidance to analyse the benefits of switching from their existing flux-cored consumable to Hobart’s FabCOR 86R wire. The operator using the Hobart product had already finished a clean weld when the one with the old consumable still had three runs to go, and had to grind the weld! Production time was halved, and Alex had another happy customer.

Top-class equipment can make a huge difference to productivity, and in one case, quality of life. A four am start was tough on one production manager who was heading into work to get the pre-heat torches running on piping in time for his staff’s arrival. By introducing Miller’s Pro-Heat™ induction heating system Alex was able to cut the pre-heat time down to 40 minutes and save the manager’s early start. Site safety was also enhanced by eliminating flame heating, and productivity was raised by ensuring operators could go straight to work on arrival.

Thriving on responsibility and community involvement, in his spare time Alex skippers the boat and manages dives for his local SCUBA club and is making a come-back in surf lifesaving this summer. His plans for the future include increasing his technical knowledge through further study, thus building an even better knowledge base to support his WIA customers.

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