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Fuhai Liu

Product & Sales Manager - End Markets

As a qualified engineer with a background in materials science research as well as broad welding industry experience, Fuhai has the expertise to assess and recommend products and applications to achieve significant productivity gains for WIA customers.

In his national role as Product and Sales Manager for End Markets, he is responsible for the strategic development of WIA’s business in this area. He leads the End Market team and applications specialist who work with customers in the mining, oil and gas and heavy engineering sectors Australia-wide.

Communication and networking are critical to his role; liaising with customers, team members and the global ITW Group to bring world’s best welding solutions to Australian industry. Fuhai enjoys working directly with end-users to help analyse and define complex welding consumable issues for specific applications, and to provide them with solutions to enhance their productivity and market competitiveness.

Traceability and documentation are important facets of welding management and quality assurance. Within the oil and gas sector, for instance, filler metal batch testing and certification prior to commencement of project welding is becoming mandatory around the world. Working with one of  ITW’s overseas filler metal manufacturers, Fuhai established a unique quality and conformance assurance procedure which not only satisfied his Australian customer’s requirements, but also assisted global business expansion with one of ITW’s target customers.

As the End Market team leader, Fuhai ensures that his colleagues have hands-on training and access to the latest technical information, as well as tools to help them evaluate customers’ needs and make cost-effective recommendations. A weld cost calculation tool, developed and maintained by Fuhai, enables team members to quickly calculate comparative material, labour, process and consumable costs for a customer’s weld design, saving time in the planning stages and ensuring the best possible productivity in the final project.

When Fuhai is not talking welding, he’s just as serious on the golf course, always striving for that perfect shot.

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