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Glenn Callinan

Account Manager – Distribution (Eastern Region)

You could say that steel runs in Glenn’s veins, being born and raised in Newcastle NSW and apprenticed as a boilermaker/welder, before following his father’s footsteps into sales. His industry experience and welding expertise qualify him to identify production and cost saving opportunities in companies and promote equipment innovation and workplace improvement.

He is committed to his customers for the long haul and calls upon his extensive industry and trade experience to demonstrate how process improvements can contribute positively to their bottom lines. One of Glenn’s long-term customers, a manufacturer of heavy equipment, recently upgraded from traditional LPG heating torches to state-of-the-art Miller induction pre-heat equipment. Glenn had clearly demonstrated how savings in labour as well as improved operator safety will generate outstanding productivity improvements and returns on their investment.

One of Glenn’s challenges - and greatest achievements - is assisting customers, particularly those concerned with budget and bottom line, to reach the most cost-effective investment decisions without compromising efficiency, quality and operator safety. His customers in the mining industry were quick to pick up on the productivity benefits of the Miller Big Blue® engine-driven dual-operator welding system, a light but powerful machine with the added benefit of a built-in compressor, which enables two operators to work in tandem from the same machine. Through his in-depth knowledge of the equipment and the challenges faced in the mining sector, Glenn was able to show how reduced capital investment and maintenance costs, as well as improved mobility and operator safety through reduction in weight, noise and emissions would all benefit his customers’ businesses.

Glenn believes good salesmanship is about developing on-going relationships and trust with customers, understanding their needs and identifying opportunities for them within their buying cycles. By talking about new technologies and better ways of working, he helps customers to modify their ways of thinking and take full advantage of innovations – capitalising on both bottom line and work health and safety advantages.

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