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Mathew Hefferan

Field Applications Specialist

As Field Applications Specialist for filler metals, Mathew applies his extensive welding and project management knowledge as well as business insight to provide value-added technical support to WIA customers around the country.

His previous experience in structural engineering industries means Mathew is well aware of the challenges faced by companies during the tendering process, particularly in today’s globally competitive market. By helping his customers to match their capabilities with the requirements of a new job, he can see benefits to not only that company and its employees, but also the local economy and the industry as a whole.

Mathew’s industry background also means he understands how the choice of the best filler metal and welding process for the job can be crucial to a company’s productivity, competitiveness and bottom line. He recently recommended that a Queensland customer in the heavy mining equipment sector move from flux-cored arc welding to metal-cored gas-shielded welding and supported them by writing and testing the new Welding Procedure Specification. They reported excellent uptake by their operators and significant subsequent productivity improvements. Similarly, a customer fabricating for major road infrastructure projects moved to metal-cored wire with Mathew’s support and was able to reduce the number of weld runs required from seven to four, thus initiating savings while still producing the quality products required in this sector.

Mathew is keen to keep growing his knowledge of welding through training and professional development and plans to add International Welding Specialist to his existing welding supervisor qualification. Through understanding of the latest technologies and their optimum application, Mathew can also help keep the filler metal team - and their customers – benchmarked to world’s best practice.

He says the best part of his job is the people he meets. Mathew loves tackling a technical problem with a customer and their welding personnel, and finding the best solution for their production challenge gives him great satisfaction.

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