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Rohin Rutherford

End Market Specialist

Well aware of the practicalities of running a welding business in today’s competitive marketplace, Rohin shares with his customers not only his years of hands-on experience but also the benefits of his qualifications and certifications as a Welding Specialist and Supervisor. Like other WIA team members, Rohin understands that a happy customer today is likely to be a customer for years to come.

His role as an End Market Specialist takes him throughout Southern Queensland – from Bundaberg to the border and as far inland as Roma – working with small and large fabricators in a range of industry sectors as well as the State’s sugar cane mills.

His easy conversation enables him to explore his customer’s needs and suggest ways that they can raise their productivity by utilising the latest consumables from WIA, up-skill their workforce and even win contracts in new product areas and overseas markets. Having run his own business Rohin also empathises with his customers’ concerns with their financial margins, and understands the difficulties of maintaining that elusive bottom line while innovating processes.

Recently, by developing a welding procedure for a small company with a big job in rail transport, Rohin helped the welders to successfully use a new WIA specialty filler metal to join dissimilar pipe metals and apply pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment for a defect-free outcome. Another customer was quoting on the fabrication of pressure equipment for an American company, and Rohan’s familiarity with local and overseas standards helped them comply with the rigorous and expensive hydrotesting requirements.

Tack welding of reinforcing steel and prefabrication of reinforcement cages are common activities in the construction sector. Rohin has been successfully working with contractors to encourage the use of self shielded wire processes, rather than stick welding, to improve productivity as well as safety for staff working in wet and confined spaces. He relishes opportunities such as this to meet new people and explore different industry sectors’ special needs, contributing his own knowledge and experience to helping them meet their particular challenges.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Rohin is flourishing in the WIA teamwork environment and has great respect for his colleagues’ and the company’s commitment to communication and information sharing. Although fairly new to the team, he sees himself learning and growing in his role, and contributing back to the industry he loves.

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