Gregory Fabrications Testimonial


The Heavy Metal Connection

Welding is the joining of two pieces of metal with the creation of fusing them by heating or pressure, or both.

Welding is distinct from other forms of mechanical connections which are usually formed by friction or mechanical interlocking.

While it is one of the oldest and arguably most reliable methods of metal joining, the welding and related testing industry in Australia is highly sophisticated and is comparable if not better than the outputs of many similar industries around the world.

Australian industry is well serviced by specialist, general welding and testing companies, all of who are experienced and qualified structural steel fabricators, boilermakers, pressure piping and mechanical contractors.

Such companies have been successfully engaged in many and various complex and high-profile welding applications, especially in heavy industries like mining and oil and gas.

Arc welding
The arc welding process is used to achieve a level of quality that is generally good enough for most structural steel applications.

While different welding techniques may have a particular area of strength and/or weakness, cost still remains the primary consideration when it comes to the selection of the process.

Although a history of successful usage makes a strong case for the fabricator to continue using a particular process, there are also other reasons that are usually beyond those of familiarity when it comes to a specific approach. Most of the time, the main reason usually points towards the use of reliable equipment.

Cost considerations
In order to achieve low cost welding, weld joint configurations and preparation processes have certain requirements.

Some things to be considered include: deposition rate, penetration ability, out-of-position capability, and high travel speed capacity.

Each of these processes exhibit different capabilities. Once the joint and its associated requirements are analysed, they should be compared to the various process options and the ability of the process to fulfil those requirements.

For heavy industries with complex operations where the finest details in welding is required, Gregory Fabrications is an engineering solutions company that sets the benchmark for some of the highest quality steel fabrication available to service those operations.

Boasting over 500sqm of fabrication space, their quality of service is achievable not only because of their use of the best fabrication equipment.

Gregory Fabrication uses Miller’s PipeWorx series welding systems to enable them to deliver the quality needed to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations. Some of the features include clearly labelled controls in easy-to-understand welder terminology.

This allows Gregory Fabrications and their welders to use just a few basic steps to set up a new weld process, resulting in less training time and minimising errors from incorrect setups.

In addition, the PipeWorx series machines have been designed as multipurpose welding machines that can handle all the standard welding processes.