ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote

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  • Shipbuilding
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Stick SMAW
  • Air Carbon Arc Gouging CAC-A

Miller Arcreach Stick TIG Remote

ArcReach welding technology minimises the non-valueadded time spent walking to and from the power source - and maximises arc-on time, weld quality and jobsite safety.

Remote Control of the Power Source

Portable and lightweight, the ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote paired with a compatible ArcReach power source allows you to change weld settings at your work area, saving a trip to the power supply. No extra control cable to purchase, maintain, string or unstring — saving time and money.

Remote Override of Power Source

When the ArcReach Remote is connected, it has full control and the power source controls are disabled preventing accidental changes by personnel other than the welding operator.

Improves Jobsite Safety

With the ArcReach® stick/TIG remote less time will be spent walking to and from the power source, reducing slip, trip and fall hazards on the job-site.

More Welds in Less Time

Operators can now spend more time welding because weld settings can be adjusted at the ArcReach® Stick/TIG remote rather than the power source.

Miller Arcreach Stick TIG Remote

Fewer Cables to Maintain

Operators no longer need to trouble shoot welding system problems that result from damaged control cords. With ArcReach® control cords aren’t used, so associated costs are eliminated.

Better Welds with Less Re-Work

Operators can now control and set the actual arc voltage and current delivered to the weld using the digital meters on the accessory.

Cross Compatible Accessories 

The ArcReach® Stick/TIG remote is compatible with Miller ArcReach® and non ArcReach® machines, however complete benefits are only realised with a full ArcReach® system.