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A rutile flux-cored all position wire for welding HSLA & Q&T Steels

  • Ship Building
  • Off-Shore Drilling Rigs
  • HSLA Steels & Weathering Steels
  • Flat Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Butt Joint
  • Vertical Position - Up
  • Overhead Position - Butt Joint
  • Flat Position - Fillet Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Fillet Joint
  • Overhead Position - Fillet Joint


Offers excellent arc stability and low spatter using either CO2 or Ar/CO2 mixtures with up to 80% Argon. These weldability features, combined with low diffusible hydrogen levels and good impact values makes the wire a good choice for single and multiple pass welding in all positions.


Applications include ship building, offshore drilling rigs, HSLA steels and weathering steels with no colour match requirement.


  • AS/NZS IS0 17632-B - T555T1-1C/MA-N5-UH5
  • AWS A5.29: E81T1-Ni2C/MJ H4
Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis   
Shielding GasCMnSiPSNi
100% CO20.
75% Ar/25% CO20.051.250.400.0100.0102.00
Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis
Gas TypeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationCVN Impact Values
100% CO2535 MPa609 MPa27.5%98J @ -40ºC
92J @ -51ºC
75% Ar/25% CO2596 MPa660 MPa24%74J @ -40ºC
60J @ -51ºC