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New WIA Time to Temp Calculators

New WIA Time to Temp Calculators

The new WIA Induction Heating Time to Temp calculators are now available 
ready to use!

WIA’s new Time to Temp Calculators have been designed to help users determine the time it will take to reach the temperature needed for a given application. Quick and easy, these calculators will benefit users by allowing them to get to the required temperature faster, saving time and boosting productivity.

There are four calculators available: Pipe – Liquid Cooled, Pipe – Air Cooled, Plate Liquid Cooled, and Plate – Air Cooled.  Each calculator allows users to input data variables such as coil width, power source output, target temperature and plate length, all which help determine the heating time needed for the relevant induction heating application.

The Time to Temp Calculators together with the Pro Heat 35 Induction Heating System also reduces costs. Due to a faster heating time less labour time is needed, plus with the Pro-Heat 35 there are no fuel costs or expensive ongoing inspection or audit costs associated with it.

The Pro-Heat 35 Induction Heating System also uses a much safer heating process as there is no exposure to open flames or electrical resistance wires and less exposure to fumes compared to flame heating.

Together the Time to Temp Calculators and Pro-Heat 35 Induction Heating System can save time, boost productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.

See the benefits - Check out the new Time to Temp Calculators today!

Time To Temp Calculators

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