ArcReach SuitCase 12

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Game changing technologies that can stop you from wasting hours every day - Improves Safety, Productivity & Profitability.

Arcreach Suitcase 12

ArcReach welding technology minimises the non-valueadded time spent walking to and from the power source - and maximises arc-on time, weld quality and jobsite safety.

Set Volt & Wire Feed Speed Remotely

The simple interface on the feeder allows operators to adjust parameters at the point of use with no control cords.

Durable Design Reduces Downtime

Impact-resistent case and the elimination of feeder control cords provides a solid solution to last in harsh environments.

Easy Process Changeover

Simply connect the ArcReach SuitCase feeder to your weld lead and you are ready to go. The power source automatically switches settings to run conventional wire processes.

Easy Solution to Traditional Wire Process

Add the flux-cored capability of the XMT 350 FieldPro for fill and cap passes for increased productivity.

Increased Uptime

ArcReach feeders and remotes have been extensively field proven and deliver the performance you need with ruggedly constructed internal components.

  • No more expenses related to maintaining or replacing easily damaged control cords.

Improved Jobsafety

The chances of slip, trip or fall injuries are decreased because ArcReach technology allows welding operators to make parameter changes at the wire feeder/ remote instead of having to travel through multi-story and cluttered jobsites back to the power source.

More Jobsite Productivity & Efficiency

ArcReach capabilities eliminate the time spent tracing weld cables hundreds of feet back to the power source because weld operators can make adjustments at the ArcReach wire feeder or remote.

Arcreach Suitcase 12

Arcreach Suitcase 12

Cable Length Compensation (CLC™)

Ensures that the voltage a weld operator sets is the voltage they get by automatically adjusting voltage based on weld cable length, even hundreds of feet away from the power source.

* Only available when connected to an XMT 350 FieldPro power source.

Maximum Fleet Compatibility 

Maximise fleet compatibility and get the benefits of ArcReach when you pair XMT 350 FieldPro welders and ArcReach feeders with other ArcReach compatible products.

Setting the Standard for Performance 

Heavy-duty drive motor with tachometer control provides wire feed speed that is accurate and consistent from the start of the weld to the finish and from one weld to the next, which provides consistent arc quality. Wide voltage range for small and large wires with no contactor chatter or arc outages.

More Operator Control

More control for weld operators with quick, easy adjustments at the wire feeder / remote.

  • Inadvertent parameter changes by other jobsite workers can be easily avoided.
  • Return to previous weld process faster.
  • Decrease the chance of an incorrect weld process being used.

Adjust While Welding (AWW™)*

Change weld parameters while the arc is on.

* Only available when connected to an XMT 350 FieldPro power source.

Ultra-Low Drag Inlet Guide Pins

Ultra-Low Drag Inlet Guide Pins

Make loading the wire easy and do not deform the wire on the way into the drive rolls. Simply thread the wire through the pins and into drive rolls. There are two ways to advance the wire through the drive roll and into the gun. Either open the pressure arm and thread the wire into the grooves in the drive roll and on into the gun inlet or place the wire between the pins and use the jog/ purge switch to advance the wire through the drive roll.

Scaled Pressure Knob

Scaled Pressure Knob

Provides easy adjustment and consistent pressure on the drive rolls and wire.

Gun Locking Tab

Gun Locking Tab

Works with guns having corresponding locking grooves to prevent gun from being pulled out if the feeder is dragged by the gun.

Potted & Trayed Main Printed Circuit Board

Potted & Trayed Main Printed Circuit Board

For the harshest environments adds exceptional reliability. Board has full-trigger isolation so a shorted gun trigger will not affect feeder operation.

Gas Inlet

Gas Inlet

Recessed into back of case is protected from incidental contact by the weld cable, ensuring consistent and contaminant-free shielding gas delivery to the gun

Wire Drive & Motor Assembly

Specifically designed for mobile welding applications to provide smooth and consistent wire delivery. Improved motor torque and drive roll system are designed to feed small diameter solid wire (.023 inch) to large-diameter cored wire (5/64 inch).

Electronic Wire Feed Speed Control with Integrated Tachometer

Ensures wire feed speed accuracy and consistency that rivals the best bench top feeders—making it easier to produce quality welds.

Digital Meters with Sunvision

Technology can display voltage and wire speed, and also amperage if desired. Meters can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.

Polypropylene Case with Built-In Slide Rails

With the ability to open the door to change wire with feeder in vertical position.

Double Filtered Gas Valve

Helps keep dirt from clogging and affecting gas flow.

Input PowerInput Welding Circuit RatingWire SpeedElectrode Wire Diameter CapacityMax. Spool Size CapacityDimensions (mm)Weight
Operates on open-circuit
voltage and arc voltage:
14 - 48 VDC/110 max. OCV
425 A at
60% Duty Cycle
1.3 - 19.8 m/
min dependent
on arc voltage
Solid Wire: 0.6 - 1.4mm
Flux Cored: 0.8 - 2.0mm
up to 20kg
H: 394
W: 229
D: 533
15.9 kg