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Abrasocord 350

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A smooth running, AC/DC electrode.

  • Track Components
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • SMAW
  • MMAW
  • Flat Position - Butt Joint
  • Horizontal Position - Butt Joint


Smooth running AC/DC electrode depositing a tough wear resistant air hardening C/Mn/Cr steel alloy which is machinable and can be readily hot forged. It offers high compressive strength and excellent resistance to impact for all types of metal-to-metal wear.

Typical Applications

Suitable for the heavy build-up and surfacing of steel components subjected to metal-to-metal wear and compressive loading such as track components and ears and shafts.


  • AS/NZS 2576: 1435-A4
Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis 
Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis
Singe Layer onto Mild SteelTypical Hardness 30 - 35 HRc
Multi-LayerTypical Hardness 35 - 40 HRc
Electrode Size (mm)Packaging (kg)Approx No. of Rods per kgPart Number