WIA Next Generation Welders Have Landed

WIA Next Generation Welders Have Landed

The next generation of WIA welders have landed! Built with new digital platforms and extensive features, all come with 3 years warranty and better than ever reliability and performance for the Australian Market.

For decades WIA machines have been established as reliable welding solutions for DIY, farming, construction, repair, maintenance, and fabrication applications. Today, WIA’s next generation range is set to exceed the reliability and performance standards set by its predecessors.

But there’s more, everything about WIA’s new models is new, from the new robust design, smooth silicon dials, higher level of performance, up-to-date digital technology and extensive list of features, every choice that was made was with the user top of mind.

Two new models have also been added, including a highly portable Weldarc 135 stick welder, and a Weldmatic 180 multi-process machine, which has been introduced for beginner to intermediate welders who require a 10 Amp plug. A new Weldmatic 200+ multi-process model has also been added, providing advanced LCD screen technology with pre-set parameters for quick and easy adjustment.

Every model has been completely re-developed and built with new digital technology for enhanced welding performance, precise arc waveforms, and a more stable arc control. This exciting new platform also allows for potential software upgrades to easily be made in the future. Manager Aleksandr Koshelyev says it’s exciting where we could take these machines. Simple upgrades can be developed and implemented to meet market demands quickly and easily.

Product Manager Aleksandr Koshelyev also says, when it comes to commercial welding machines, this WIA range has it all. Each machine was built to meet welders wants, needs and more.

Take the all new Weldarc 185 Stick / TIG welder for example, it has been designed with a range of improvements and new features to suit light fabrication, repair, maintenance, farming, and building and construction projects. The Weldarc 185 machine now has a higher duty cycle than previous models, meaning it will run for a longer period at 185 Amps.

Also, it comes with VRD for safety requirements and Fan on Demand™ which runs in only when the machine reaches its maximum heating point, reducing noise and the amount of dust getting into the machine. Additionally, it has digital meters for precise adjustment, and is IP23S rated for added environmental safety protection, a requirement for some mine sites.

What truly sets this machine apart is Power Factor Correction (PFC) which makes it tolerant to unconditioned power when generators are used, and tolerant to being operated on long extension leads.

Like all WIA machines, the Weldarc 185 is built with high quality components and comes with 3 years warranty (power source only), which sets the standard for machines in this category.

The new Weldarc 200 ACDC Stick/TIG welder is also packed with features. Designed for repair and maintenance, aluminium boat fabrication and motorsports fabrication, the Weldarc 200 ACDC offers precise AC TIG welding of aluminium and comes with Power Factor Correction, Fan on Demand™ and new LCD technology.

From repair, maintenance, light-medium and heavy fabrication, WIA’s new Weldmatic multi-process range has also been fully re-designed to maximise ease of use, portability, flexibility and reliability.

All come packaged with a new improved MIG gun featuring a flexible goose neck for better positioning and new ball cable joint for more flexibility.

Lightweight, the smaller machines have a built-in wire feeder making them extremely portable. The Weldmatic 180 weighs only 11kg and the Weldmatic 200+ only 17kg, making them easy to transport between workshop and on-site locations.

For fabrication workshops, WIA offer the 3 Phase Weldmatic 350 and Weldmatic 500 multi-process machines and Weldmatic 356, Weldmatic 396 and Weldmatic Fabricator MIG welders. All come with a separate wire feeder for extra flexibility and manoeuvrability.

Ease of use is a highlight of these machines, both Weldmatic 200+ and Weldmatic 250 come with LCD screen technology and offer pre-set parameter adjustment, while the Weldmatic 180, Weldmatic 200, Weldmatic 350, Weldmatic 500, Weldmatic 396 and Weldmatic Fabricator come with digital meters for more precise adjustment. Suitable for both the workshop and outdoor applications all suit gas shielded and gasless wires.

The new Cutmatic 45 has also been re-designed with a new robust design, improved duty cycle, Power Factor Correction and an upgraded water and air filter design. Weighing only 1kg it’s highly portable and offers precise and effortless cutting for fabrication, on-site maintenance and automotive repair applications.

WIA’s exciting next generation of welding machines are available now Australia-wide. 

If you want to weld your best, weld with the best – Weld with WIA.

Contact your local stockiest and get yours today.

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